Can Fastcoin disrupt the crypto-currency space? ……………………………. CrushTheStreet Interview with Ed Blaha

CrushTheStreet interview with Ed Blaha, one of the Fastcoin devs.

Fastcoin is hundreds of times quicker than bitcoin, is hundreds of thousands times cheaper, is not stained by the hands of scammers, criminals, speculators, wall streets and governments. In short it is far better than bitcoin in just about every way, an improved version of bitcoin. However the problem is that almost no-one in the world has heard of Fastcoin. Like almost all other superior cryptos and newer launched cryptos.

Amazingkly Fastcoin is in it’s 5th YEAR! of operation as a decentralised opensource crypto currency. In short it is tried and tested yet the media, tv and papers focus almost exclusively on bitcoin, whatever the bad news about bitcoin it grabs the headlines. Like Facebook.

It is TIME to get the word out. Big shout out to CrushTheStreet for this interview, the first of many we hope.

Time for the community to get the word out about Fastcoin to every corner of your community and businesses wherever you may live in the world.

“Can Fastcoin disrupt the crypto currency space?”


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