Coingate & Shapeshift – Altcoin gateway and conversion would be huge for Fastcoin


Coingate  and Shapeshift are two of the biggest and most reliable payment gateways for bitcoin and altcoin payments and altcoin conversions. It is encouraging to see such innovation growing and growing and taking power away from banks and giving more power, money and influence back to  individuals, business owners and web publishers.

Recipients of altcoin and bitcoin payments pay only a 1% fee as opposed to multiples of this, Coingate even offer their services free to Charities and Non-profits, when was the last time you saw a bank do that?

My small local family run corner shop has such high credit card or debit card  processor fees that they have no choice to pass it on to the consumer, it is a 50 pence charge!. So if you have no cash just card which most people do these days but need something essential like a loaf of bread or a box of sanitary towels or whatever the 50 pence is huge.

For a long time exchanges and ancilliary services only catered to bitcoin and litecoin, the highest capped coins. It was annoying but understandable. They need volume, liquidity, they can’t offer the services for free but at the same time, the public at large and the greater crypto community do not want just one currency or even two, just like the world doesn’t want just one of two fiat currencies however hard that agenda is pushed or forced upon us. Look what problems that causes the world in the case of the US dollar dominating. So it is a bit of a chicken egg situation for the smaller altcoins to get on.

I do believe though when thoroughly examining the list of cryptocurrencies of which there are around 1000 now. Many if not most, have a very jaded history, scandals, frauds, cons, broken promises and in dozens if not hundreds of cases, abandoned coins.

There is a list like this for icos too, maybe most are some of the bigest scams ever perpetuated. Of course there are gems. I am going to say Fastcoin, because it is true, but many other gems with great histories and communities or are doing something groundbreaking,worthy of mention, just a few… Peercoin, QRL, Mazacoin, Bitbay, Blocknet and so on. None of the above get the credit they deserve or opportunities, to name a few.

I mention all this as if you look back to the Fastcoin ANN thread on bitcointalk back in May 2013, Fastcoin is in it’s 5th year of operation, no breaks, no scandals, a team of developers. A solid working wallet, quality home website, good social media presences, the deepest blockchain of any cryptocurrency and the fastest established crypto transactions at 12 seconds, it’s hard not to recognize why it is made for ecommerce and wider society at large.

Add to that a fair release, mineable, near free transactions, a smallish capped supply, no premine, all we need is to catch a break. It really has got to the point where people are not going to use bitcoin at this price, thay can’t send $5 to a friend in another country and pay $10 for the pleasure, it cannot be mined unless you own a warehouse full of servers, the millions getting in to crypto at some point want to divest into other coins, own more coins, experiment, cheaply, the list goes on.

We have reached a point where I fee some of the innovators in the game need to look and embrace the older honest cryptos like Fastcoin and give them a helping hand. I appreciate they are businesses, money needs to be made, but the people I appeal to are innovators, entrepreneurs and I am sure they know that sometimes one opportunity given, can lead to great things.

Shapeshift have been like a breath of fresh air in the crypto space if you are not familiar with  them I suggest getting acquainted, they allow you to convert to any crypto listed on their platform instantly and effortlessly and are a long established trusted payment service and crypto currency converter. Coingate process their altcoin payments using the shapeshift service as it is the natural partner for this service. I would like to personally ask them on behalf of the Fastcoin community to consider adding us to Shapeshift, this would introduce us to a larger segment of the community and public, businesses and webmasters and individuals can then accept Fastcoin effortlessly on their sites and in their premises. It would be huge for us, approaching 5 years in, in Fastcoin. We are ready!

Our mobile app is approaching the end of beta and our community is ready to promote the wordpress widget, fastcoin app, shapeshift app, and market to the world at large, if we are accepted and listed.

We appreciate the contact and support from Coingate so far. Thankyou

Thanks for your consideration.

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