There are many ways to engage with the Fastcoin community and developers. Being one of the oldest and established cryptocurrencies, FST has it’s own dedicated forum where you can join and post to ask questions, ideas and become an active member of our community. To cut down on spam it may take a day or so before your account is activated so please be patient and the support team will be in touch via email to activate your account.

If you wish to engage with the entire cryptocurrency community Fastcoin have their dedicated ANN thread and discussion section on the oldest crypto forum on the internet, which was started by Satoshi Nakamoto himself!

You can follow and engage with the Fastcoin developers at their dedicated Twitter account here:

Official Fastcoin Facebook account can be found here and followed:

Official Fastcoin website is:

Official Fastcoin Telegram channel can be joined here:

Please feel free to comment on our blog posts and join our community and engage in this way, spread the word.

We will be actively be marketing Fastcoin and we need Fastcoin community members to spread the word in their communities.

If you wish to buy or sell Fastcoin it can be traded on LIVECOIN  or CRYPTOPIA