Fastcoin community spotted, in the wild!

Fastcoin¬†has fans and community members from all over the World. It is currently a small community even though FST is in it’s 5th year of continuous operation, it is however growing all the time.

The official Fastcoin twitter channel has been tweeting some fun pics of Fastcoin community members posting FST selfies from all over the world. We thought we would share… enjoy.

Fastcoin fan from Masada,Israel.

middle east, fastcoin

Fastcoin fan spotted between Beirut and Jerusalem.


fst, niagra falls

A Fastcoin couple at Niagra Falls.

Fastcoin fans never grow up! A FST community member from the U.S.A

Another Fastcoin couple! This time in the Bay of Fundy, Canada

A hungry Fastcoiner in California!


Not sure where this Fastcoin fan is. Canada? Holland? Is that Ed Blaha?

Fastcoin fan on the steps of the Quebec Ministry of Finance

The best looking Fastcoin fan we know of, again in Quebec..

We will continue to share more pictures of Fastcoiners all around the World! See you soon.


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