Guerilla Marketing – We Got This!

It’s always good to look back to the earlier days and see how something got big, to learn from that and adopt good ideas.

Back in the early days of bitcoin there was only really grassroot believers, dreamers, designers and coders (luckily) to promote the cause. There was a lot of fun and silliness which was great. Even Satoshi himself or herself, wasn’t around too long before other coders moved in to replace them, foundations were created and years down the line in many ways bitcoin has all but been taken over in terms of the lion share of coin ownership, management and influence by very powerful rich people, including banks, silicon valley et al.

It’s not pretty all the fights , dark markets, thefts, exchanges running off into the night. There are better cryptocurrencies with none of these problems, no scandal and they get little to no airtime. The media outlets are literally obsessed by just bitcoin in much the same was as facebook. Even though it is a quagmire buggy site run by, well…. Not even his idea!

The bit that is most fascinating about bitcoin, is the vision, the code, and the power of a small group of people that had great design skills, imagination and energy, by this I mean the early community.

Rather than solely relying on the internet it is imperative that a cryptocoin community gets ‘out there’ into the real world and talks to people, engages with businesses and people from all walks of life.

It is important to have behind you a coin in good standing, with solid code and ideally some unique characteristics, a great name. All of which Fastcoin does. (FST) Fastcoin is the Fastest established cryptocurrency on the planet with the deepest blockchain. Now, the blockchain is the fascinating part of cryptocurrencies in truth, and the potential so far is not even unlocked or tapped. The price of a coin and use of a currency online without the need for banks is huge in it’s own right but secondary in many ways. Of course when you look at these two factors and then back at Fastcoin and take on board, that Fastcoin has a relatively low capped supply of 165 million, that can be mined is open to ALL and is around half of 1 American CENT each compared to Bitcoins current $8,000.00 price each, it is mindboggling. Fiat currency is backed by nothing, it used to be Gold and the supply is limitless, …QE. ‘Quantitive Easing.’

A necessary step in my mind as a community member and believer in Fastcoin’s potential to reach a large audience, to inspire and actually free people from the hideous charges and control by banks is to garnish them with some up to date information in a nice easy format and handed to them in a real tangible way rather than over the internet.

Now, we do have our community site and blog here, our official Fastcoin site at and all of our social media sites which can obviously be provided with the manifesto. So an infographic flyer with all our links to social media and sites along with all the benefits of useage provided in a free flyer to hand out is in the works.

This is apart from anything else something to show how we can, as even one person, the ability to change and educate for the better. I plan to print 5000 flyers which I have seen available in A5 format on helloprint for just under £90.

Now I do not have very much money nor Fastcoin believe it or not but should be able to do this in the next fortnight.

I plan to give them out in the UK, at train stations and tube stations so the percentage of people that take them and don’t discard straight away, well, we’ll have a captive audience , something to read in the carriage! If only a small percentage take the info on board and visit our sites and exchanges and ‘get it’, things will change on an upward trend and we can have a snowball effect.

Once I get the flyer artwork done I will show to community here on our blog and provide to any Fastcoin community members for free so they can get flyers printed by their printer of choice in their home country for a nominal fee or the best fee they can find and they can replicate. From there we can keep repeating in Cities and countries the world over.

Maybe we can inspire and attract more artists , designers and any other skillsets who may want to create posters, to host car-stickers in their cars to promote and so on.

I will keep you posted. I will be creating blogposts dedicated to the flyer drop and public ‘meet and greet’! to show the towns and cities I am handing out to. If you are from London or East midlands and into Fastcoin, hit me up, the more the merrier.

Feel free to DM me or follow or tweet me on twitter if you are interested and we can chat.


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